Ferrari’s Redemption: Vasseur’s Assurance Amidst F1 Setback

Ferrari's Redemption: Vasseur's Assurance Amidst F1 Setback

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Frederic Vasseur has addressed the ongoing problems with Ferrari’s SF-24 Formula 1 car.

Ferrari is facing challenges with its SF-24 car for the upcoming F1 Hungarian Grand Prix due to aerodynamic issues, leading to a performance slump in recent races. The team encountered problems such as porpoising, especially evident in Spain, affecting drivers Leclerc and Sainz. Despite setbacks, boss Frederic Vasseur remains optimistic, mentioning successful upgrades in the past and the potential for a breakthrough in understanding the issues. Ferrari will address the aero problems at the next race and work on bringing upgrades with improved performance. Vasseur emphasized the importance of evaluating and addressing car issues, even if it means sacrificing practice sessions, to make informed decisions for the team’s future success.

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