Vasseur’s Candid Reflections: Embracing Imperfection at Ferrari

Vasseur's Candid Reflections: Embracing Imperfection at Ferrari

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Fred Vasseur knows there is one area he could improve as team principal at Ferrari

Ferrari team principal Fred Vasseur acknowledges the need to improve his leadership, focusing on his tendency to always highlight the negatives rather than acknowledging the positives. Despite steering Ferrari in a positive direction, Vasseur realizes he should also be more positive with his team members. He emphasizes the importance of identifying weaknesses and improving reactions and anticipation in order to continue the team’s improvement. Vasseur is working on changing the team’s approach and has highlighted recruitment and promoting team spirit as crucial for long and short-term success. The recent acquisition of Loïc Serra from Mercedes as Ferrari’s new head of chassis performance is part of the team’s mid- to long-term strategy, focusing on enhancing the team’s overall performance in upcoming seasons.

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