Russell Enthusiastically Endorses Mercedes’ Progress

Russell Enthusiastically Endorses Mercedes' Progress

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George Russell is confident Mercedes has turned a corner, with its recent pace improvements mirroring what the team had forecast.

George Russell stated that Mercedes’ recent resurgence was not unexpected to the team, as their track performance aligned with the data they were seeing at the factory. Despite his strong showing at the Canadian Grand Prix, Russell anticipates that the Spanish Grand Prix will be crucial for all top teams to establish their true pecking order halfway through the season. Since the reintroduction of ground-effects in F1 in 2022, Mercedes has faced challenges in regaining their past dominance, but recent improvements suggest progress. Although there have been doubts about previous false dawns, Russell remains confident in the team’s current pace and competitiveness. With Barcelona offering a more representative assessment, Russell believes Mercedes can continue to be competitive in the championship fight. Despite Russell’s pole position at the Canadian GP, Mercedes’ progress was evident, with the upcoming race in Spain set to reveal further insights into the team’s standing among rivals like Red Bull, McLaren, and Ferrari.

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