Piastri Uncovers the Key Ingredient for Formula 1 Success

Piastri Uncovers the Key Ingredient for Formula 1 Success

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Oscar Piastri has confirmed what he feels is still missing from her performance when assessing the step he has taken in his second year in F1.

Oscar Piastri reflected on his ongoing progress in F1, acknowledging the areas he believes he still needs to improve upon for his McLaren performance. He mentioned the rollercoaster start to the season but expressed optimism due to McLaren’s resurgence and recent upgrades introduced in Miami, which have resulted in podium finishes for the team. Piastri highlighted the importance of consistency and his desire to enhance this aspect of his racing. Despite facing challenges earlier in the season, he emphasized the positive advancements he has made compared to his debut year, notably in performance and confidence. Piastri credited the team’s collective efforts for the recent successes and improvement in car performance, indicating a shared commitment to continuous development.

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