Unveiling the Hidden Power: Mercedes’ Secret Formula for F1 Success

Unveiling the Hidden Power: Mercedes' Secret Formula for F1 Success

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It is what you cannot see that has played a key role in Mercedes’ resurgence.

Toto Wolff attributes Mercedes’ return to the front of the F1 grid to unseen elements in their W15 car, leading to improved performance. Despite performing well at the Canadian Grand Prix, George Russell was unable to clinch a win due to the changing weather conditions and errors during the race. Mercedes has been consistently upgrading its car since the winter, gradually improving its capabilities and competitiveness on the track. With recent upgrades, such as a new front wing, Mercedes is gaining momentum and showing signs of improvement. Team principal Wolff emphasizes that the team’s performance boost is a result of both visible and hidden upgrades that have positively impacted their speed. Red Bull’s Christian Horner is skeptical of Mercedes’ performance in Canada, questioning if it can be sustained in upcoming races, while Wolff confirms more upgrades are on the way for the upcoming races in Spain, Austria, and Great Britain, hinting at further improvements in performance.

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