The Toughest Decision: McLaren’s Dilemma in the British Grand Prix Discussed by Piastri

The Toughest Decision: McLaren's Dilemma in the British Grand Prix Discussed by Piastri

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Oscar Piastri was the big loser from the British Grand Prix after McLaren did not double-stack during the final round of pit-stops.

Oscar Piastri believes McLaren faced a tough decision during the British Grand Prix regarding the double-stack strategy, opting not to do so when rain hit Silverstone. Mercedes double-stacked with Hamilton and Russell, while McLaren chose not to, affecting Piastri’s race who had to pit a lap later. Piastri mentioned the double-stack decision was “painful” but acknowledged the difficulty of the call given the weather conditions and close gap between the two drivers. Despite the dilemma, Piastri praised McLaren’s overall decision-making during the race, recognizing they made the right calls apart from the double-stack situation. Looking back, Piastri suggested that double-stacking might have given them a better chance at victory, highlighting the complexity of decision-making in such close situations in motor racing.

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