Uncovering the Extent of Verstappen’s Car Damage: Marko’s Revelations

Uncovering the Extent of Verstappen's Car Damage: Marko's Revelations

P1racenews AI automatic summary:

Max Verstappen endured most of qualifying for the British Grand Prix with a damaged car.

Helmut Marko revealed that Max Verstappen’s Red Bull sustained major floor damage before the British Grand Prix, leading to a significant loss of downforce and compromising his qualifying performance. Verstappen damaged his car by going off-track in Q1, resulting in the need for repairs. Despite the damage, Verstappen managed to secure fourth place in qualifying thanks to adjustments made by Red Bull. Marko expressed happiness with the outcome considering the circumstances. Red Bull faces tough competition from McLaren and Mercedes at Silverstone, where the challenging wind conditions have been a factor in their performance. Marko believes that pole position might not have been achievable without the floor damage.

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