Formula 1 Legend Hails a Future Racing Monarch

Formula 1 Legend Hails a Future Racing Monarch

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This is quite the compliment for a driver that has still to win a grand prix.

McLaren driver Oscar Piastri has been praised as a potential future legend of Formula 1, despite not yet winning a grand prix. Over the past 18 months since joining McLaren, he has proven himself worthy of his seat, earning podium finishes and a sprint race victory. Piastri, a former F3 and F2 champion, is currently overshadowed by more experienced teammate Lando Norris. Recent races at Austria and Silverstone saw Piastri facing challenges that hindered his performance, as noted by former F1 team principal Eddie Jordan. However, Jordan believes Piastri is learning and growing through these experiences, predicting him to become a world champion in the near future and asserting that Piastri possesses the qualities of a future great in the sport.

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