Brundle: Andretti rejection puts F1 against FIA

Brundle: Andretti rejection puts F1 against FIA
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Andretti Cadillac Racing will not take to the grid in the near future after F1’s decision to reject its entry application.

Martin Brundle believes that the decision to reject Andretti Cadillac Racing’s application to join the Formula 1 grid has caused friction between FOM and the FIA. The American team had passed through initial stages of the application process, but F1 dismissed their chances, citing lack of value and competitiveness. Brundle argues that this decision pits the FIA against FOM and Liberty Media, as the FIA approved the team while FOM rejected them. He believes it would be a tall order for Andretti to build a new car for 2025 and then start over again with new regulations in 2026, but Andretti argues that they can prove themselves. F1’s popularity has grown, and teams feel that new entrants must bring something substantial to the table.

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