Shockwaves as Ferrari’s Key Figure Abruptly Departs

Shockwaves as Ferrari's Key Figure Abruptly Departs

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Ferrari has announced that Enrico Cardile, its technical director for the chassis area of the team has left his position with immediate effect.

Ferrari confirmed Enrico Cardile’s departure from the team with immediate effect. Team principal Frederic Vasseur will now oversee the Chassis Area. Cardile, who was a technical director at Ferrari, is rumored to be moving to Aston Martin, but his future plans remain undisclosed. After nearly two decades with Ferrari, Cardile has submitted his resignation, with the team expressing gratitude for his contributions. Vasseur addressed inquiries about Cardile’s next steps, stating that he was still with Ferrari during that media session. The Frenchman also mentioned that any updates regarding Cardile should come directly from Aston Martin. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for a chance to win tickets to the F1 Belgian GP 2024!

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