The Enigmatic Bearman: a Ferrari ‘Dream’ and Hamilton’s Seat

The Enigmatic Bearman: a Ferrari 'Dream' and Hamilton's Seat

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Oliver Bearman has been linked with a move to Ferrari even before making his full-time F1 debut with Haas in 2025.

18-year-old Haas F1 driver Oliver Bearman remains noncommittal about the possibility of replacing Lewis Hamilton at Ferrari in 2025. Bearman, who recently signed a full-time contract with Haas starting next season, made his F1 debut as a substitute for Carlos Sainz in Saudi Arabia, finishing seventh and scoring six points. With Hamilton moving to Ferrari for a two-year deal, there’s speculation that Bearman, with two years of experience at Haas, could be his successor. While Bearman refrains from discussing the topic, he expresses his excitement for his future with Haas and his aspiration to eventually join Ferrari, emphasizing his goal to succeed in Formula 1 and win championships. His focus is currently on performing his best with Haas and preparing for the upcoming season while keeping a long-term perspective on achieving success with Ferrari.

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