Revving up for Glory: Toyota’s Resurgence in Formula 1

Revving up for Glory: Toyota's Resurgence in Formula 1

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In late 2009, Toyota decided to pull the plug on its Formula 1 project. Now, 15 years later, the Japanese manufacturer is working hard to return to the pinnacle of motorsport.

It is highly likely that one of the world’s major car manufacturers will soon re-enter Formula 1, with reports suggesting that Toyota is in talks with Haas for a potential partnership in the near future. The collaboration would begin as a sponsorship agreement, resembling the previous partnership between Alfa Romeo and Sauber. Discussions indicate that Toyota’s engagement with Haas could evolve into a close working relationship before the 2026 project commences. Additionally, there are potential plans for Toyota to collaborate with Haas on constructing car components starting in 2025, incorporating Dallara into the mix. This strategic partnership would involve utilizing Toyota’s wind tunnel in Cologne, a facility that has great historical significance in F1. While immediate engine supply is not on the agenda, Toyota aims to support the development of Haas’ chassis for the 2026 season through this venture. The arrival of Toyota in F1, along with Honda’s engine supply, would be a significant step towards solidifying F1’s footprint in Japan, underscoring the global appeal of the sport. The finalization of the agreement between Haas and Toyota would be a milestone, potentially propelling both entities to new heights in the F1 landscape.

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