Foam-Fueled Excellence: Unveiling Legacy Motor Club’s Obsession with Innovation

Foam-Fueled Excellence: Unveiling Legacy Motor Club's Obsession with Innovation

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Legacy Motor Club has become fascinated by foam. D3O is a British company that manufactures a patented orange foam material that can be used in helmets, footwear, body protection and even phone cas…

Legacy Motor Club has developed an interest in the innovative foam technology produced by D3O, a British company known for manufacturing a patented orange foam material used in various protective gear. The versatile product is utilized not only in sports but also by organizations like the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA. Legacy Motor Club has incorporated D3O foam into the cockpit of their Toyotas, particularly in the knee knocker device to enhance driver comfort and safety. The partnership with D3O has facilitated a valuable exchange of information, allowing Legacy Motor Club to learn about advanced foam applications in motorsports and beyond. The collaboration has led to significant improvements in driver comfort and safety measures, prompting a deeper exploration of foam technology’s potential benefits and applications within the racing industry.

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