Technical updates: 2023 Italian Grand Prix

Technical updates: 2023 Italian Grand Prix

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Technical updates: 2023 Italian Grand Prix

Nine out of the 10 Formula 1 teams have introduced new parts specifically designed for the unique characteristics of the Italian Grand Prix circuit, Monza. These adaptations focus on creating a low-downforce setup due to the high-speed nature of the track. McLaren leads the pack with the most submissions, including a new front brake duct scoop, and circuit-specific upgrades for the front wing, rear wing, and rear brake duct winglets.

Red Bull also brings circuit-specific front and rear wings, while Ferrari introduces a rear wing performance update in addition to its Monza-specific front wing. Mercedes has developed a new rear wing and beam wing configuration to minimize drag, while Alpine focuses solely on the beam wing.

Alfa Romeo has updated its front suspension geometry as a performance upgrade alongside its Monza-specific rear wing. AlphaTauri brings a front wing and beam wing, along with removing elements from the rear brake duct and rear view mirrors to reduce drag. Aston Martin offers a circuit-specific front wing, and Williams presents a rear wing with reduced drag. The only team without any new parts is Haas, who continue to use their Baku-spec wings for the Italian Grand Prix.

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