Leclerc’s Monaco Nightmare: A Post-Race Reflection

Leclerc's Monaco Nightmare: A Post-Race Reflection

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Charles Leclerc says his run of races since victory in Monaco have been “worse than a nightmare” after finishing a lap down in the British Grand Prix. The win in Monaco came one week after Ferrari …

Charles Leclerc expressed his disappointment, describing the races following his Monaco win as “worse than a nightmare,” including setbacks in Canada, Spain, Austria, and Silverstone. Despite Ferrari’s competitive upgrade introduced after Monaco, issues with set-up, power unit, punctures, and strategic decisions have plagued his recent performances. Leclerc acknowledges the difficulty in finding positives amidst these challenges and emphasizes the need to analyze and improve decision-making processes within the team. A strategic pit stop for intermediate tires during a shower at the British Grand Prix led to Leclerc falling a lap down, further adding to his frustrations and the team’s struggles. While an upgrade in Spain met performance expectations, it also introduced issues with bouncing at high speeds, prompting a focus on analyzing data to better understand the new package’s impact moving forward.

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