Hamilton admits shedding tears after fearing he’d never win again

Hamilton admits shedding tears after fearing he'd never win again

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Lewis Hamilton admits he was so emotional after his victory in the British Grand Prix because has had moments where he thought he would never win another race. Mercedes locked out the front row at …

Lewis Hamilton revealed that his emotional reaction to winning the British Grand Prix stemmed from doubts he had experienced about ever winning another race. The race saw a gripping competition at Silverstone, where Hamilton reclaimed the lead after initially falling back due to changing weather conditions. Hamilton expressed how unique this victory felt compared to his previous wins, emphasizing the challenges and disappointments he and his team had faced. Despite moments of feeling like he might never win again, Hamilton’s triumph brought tears of joy, a first for him. The significance of this win was heightened by his family’s presence, marking a special moment in his career and personal life. It was a poignant and emotional victory that Hamilton cherished, especially with loved ones by his side at what could possibly be his last British Grand Prix with Mercedes.

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