Ferrari’s Technical Director Set to Depart, Shaking Up Formula 1 Circuits

Ferrari's Technical Director Set to Depart, Shaking Up Formula 1 Circuits

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Ferrari technical director (chassis area) Enrico Cardile has handed in his notice and will leave the company, with team principal Fred Vasseur taking on his role temporarily. Cardile has been part …

Enrico Cardile, the Ferrari technical director in the chassis area, has submitted his resignation and will be leaving the company. Team principal Fred Vasseur will temporarily assume his role. Cardile has been with Ferrari since 2005, initially joining the racing division in 2016 as head of aerodynamic development before progressing to become the head of the chassis area in 2021. He was later appointed as the technical director of chassis and aerodynamics in 2023. Amid speculation of interest from Aston Martin, Ferrari officially confirmed Cardile’s departure. The team expressed gratitude for his long-standing contributions and announced a temporary arrangement with Vasseur overseeing the chassis area. Ferrari has been strengthening its technical department, with Loic Serra set to join as a senior figure in October. Despite a successful start to the 2024 season, Ferrari’s performance has dipped recently, with only one podium finish in four races, leaving the team narrowly ahead in the constructors’ championship standings.

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