Innovative Las Vegas Tweaks: Unlocking Alpine’s Charge to Success

Innovative Las Vegas Tweaks: Unlocking Alpine’s Charge to Success
P1racenews AI automatic summary:

How Alpine’s intriguing Las Vegas tweaks helped its charge

“At the Las Vegas race, Pierre Gasly finished fourth on the grid and Esteban Ocon finished fourth in the race, indicating that the A523 car performed well on the high-speed track. The team made several refinements to the car, particularly in the front wing design, to improve balance and performance. The modified front wing introduced at the British Grand Prix included a different flap distribution arrangement and a longer mainplane to manage the front tire wake. Alpine believed that this design would offer better low-speed management compared to their previous choice. The team also used a low downforce rear wing and removed the upper winglets from the rear brake duct to enhance straight-line speed. Ferrari made a crucial change to its aerodynamic setup, switching to a lower downforce rear wing configuration, which proved to be more suitable for the track conditions as it gripped up. This helped Ferrari produce a strong performance and secure a front row lockout before Carlos Sainz’s penalty.”

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