Hamilton’s Incredible ‘Beast Mode’ Triumph at F1 British Grand Prix Leaves Fans in Awe

Hamilton's Incredible 'Beast Mode' Triumph at F1 British Grand Prix Leaves Fans in Awe

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Multiple Formula 1 Grand Prix winner turned commentator Mark Webber praised Lewis Hamilton for his record-winning victory at Silverstone, claiming the Mercedes star went into “beast mode” en route to victory on Sunday. Hamilton started the GP from second on the grid and was in contention for victory throughout the 52 laps held around the […]

Lewis Hamilton started the Grand Prix from the second position on the grid and remained a strong contender for victory throughout the 52 laps at Silverstone. With the help of engineer Peter Bonnington, he managed his soft tires expertly in changing weather conditions to fend off Max Verstappen. Former driver Mark Webber praised Hamilton’s victory, comparing his racing prowess to that of a predatory animal. Hamilton’s strategic pit-stops and tire management showcased his experience and skill, leading to a vintage display of racing. Webber noted that Hamilton’s home Grand Prix victory was a significant moment and emphasized the Briton’s determination and drive for success. Emotional after the win, Hamilton celebrated a long-awaited triumph before his move to Ferrari in 2025, solidifying his legacy in Formula 1.

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