Piastri’s Swift Judgment: McLaren’s F1 British GP Decision Immediately Exposed

Piastri's Swift Judgment: McLaren's F1 British GP Decision Immediately Exposed

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Oscar Piastri has stated he knew that McLaren’s choice to leave him out an extra lap on slicks on a damp track in Formula 1’s British Grand Prix was “instantly wrong”. Piastri came home in fourth at Silverstone, one position behind team-mate Lando Norris, as McLaren squandered a potential chance to win the race with […]

Piastri finished in fourth place at Silverstone, just one spot behind his teammate Lando Norris, in a race where McLaren missed an opportunity for victory with both drivers. The team effectively utilized the changing track conditions when rain arrived, moving up to first and second positions by passing the Mercedes cars. As Piastri closed in on Norris for a potential overtake, the rain intensified, leading Norris to pit while Piastri stayed out on slick tires, which proved to be a costly mistake. Despite later switching to Medium tires and gaining back a position, Piastri regretted the strategic error that put him 12 seconds behind the leader. McLaren’s decision not to double-stack their cars during the pit stops was deemed a crucial misstep, according to Piastri and team boss Andrea Stella, as it could have given them a better chance at victory. Amidst challenging conditions, Piastri acknowledged the complexities involved in making split-second decisions during the race.

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