Ocon Criticizes Alpine’s Strategy in British F1 Qualifying: A Case of Missteps on the Path to Success

Ocon Criticizes Alpine's Strategy in British F1 Qualifying: A Case of Missteps on the Path to Success

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Esteban Ocon lambasted Alpine’s strategy during Saturday’s qualifying for the Formula 1 British Grand Prix, claiming Alpine “took all the wrong decisions” en route to a double Q1 elimination. Qualifying started in wet conditions on Saturday afternoon, but the 18-minute Q1 session saw a transition from wet to dry, cueing a frantic flurry of action […]

Qualifying began in wet conditions on Saturday afternoon, leading to a frantic transition from wet to dry during the 18-minute Q1 session as drivers switched to soft tyres to secure a spot in Q2. The constantly changing track conditions made timing strategic decisions crucial, with any slip-ups proving costly. Alpine had a challenging day, with Esteban Ocon attributing his and teammate Pierre Gasly’s poor 18th and 20th place finishes to errors in planning and execution. Despite the disappointment, Ocon emphasized that luck is not the only factor in advancing in such mixed qualifying sessions, stressing the importance of planning and utilizing information effectively. The timing of Alpine’s struggles is unfortunate, considering their recent improvements and points-scoring performances in previous races, making the upcoming Silverstone Grand Prix a tough challenge. Ocon expressed hope for rain during the race to potentially benefit their performance, highlighting the need to take calculated risks and adjust setups accordingly for the unpredictable British weather.

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