Analyzing McLaren’s Puzzling Tire Strategy: Horner Raises Eyebrows at British GP

Analyzing McLaren's Puzzling Tire Strategy: Horner Raises Eyebrows at British GP

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Red Bull boss Christian Horner has questioned McLaren’s “baffling” decision to switch to Softs rather than Mediums for the last stint at Formula 1’s British Grand Prix. Lando Norris was running in the race lead with a two-second advantage over Lewis Hamilton when Mercedes executed an undercut on McLaren as the track dried up. McLaren […]

Lando Norris was leading the race with a two-second gap over Lewis Hamilton, but Mercedes used an undercut strategy as the track dried up. McLaren’s decision to match Hamilton’s used Softs instead of new Mediums proved to be a mistake, leading to Norris losing ground to both Hamilton and Max Verstappen. McLaren team boss Andrea Stella admitted post-race that their pit wall made an error influenced by Mercedes. Red Bull’s Christian Horner was puzzled by McLaren’s decision and praised their own choice of Hards for Verstappen. Verstappen praised his team’s strategic calls at Silverstone, acknowledging the importance of making the right decisions in challenging conditions. Despite some setbacks, Verstappen was pleased to finish second and reach the podium due to Red Bull’s well-executed strategy.

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