F1 drivers want improvement to ‘half dry, half wet’ Vegas track

F1 drivers want improvement to ‘half dry, half wet’ Vegas track
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Formula 1 drivers have again raised concerns about the track surface at the Las Vegas Strip Circuit, with Fernando Alonso

The drivers and teams anticipated low grip due to the repaved surface and cooler temperatures, but the absence of support races and the reopening of public roads during the day further exacerbated the issue at the new street venue. Fernando Alonso believes Lando Norris’ crash was due to the slippery surface, which he described as extremely low grip. Daniel Ricciardo suggested that new circuits should follow the procedures implemented at the Jeddah circuit in Saudi Arabia, and proposed starting the sessions earlier to minimize difficulties. He also suggested treating the surface to increase its abrasiveness and improve grip. Carlos Sainz compared the restart on Lap 28 to driving on ice and suggested increasing the speed of the Safety Car in certain scenarios to avoid dangerous situations. Sainz also mentioned that the left-handed Turn 12 corner should be modified to enhance safety and improve the racing spectacle.

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