Wonders of Lapland: Elfyn Evans’ Unforgettable Victory

Wonders of Lapland: Elfyn Evans’ Unforgettable Victory
P1racenews AI automatic summary:

Toyota Gazoo Racing took the opportunity to enter the Arctic Lapland Rally, the second round of the Finnish Rally Championship

Toyota participated in a rally event, gathering data in various weather conditions. Despite limited experience, defending champion Kalle Rovanpera quickly took the lead and maintained his advantage over Elfyn Evans throughout the rally. Rovanpera praised the car’s adjustments and the availability of data for different conditions. However, near the end, Rovanpera’s car faced technical issues, but with the help of spectators, he managed to finish the special stage. Evans struggled initially but improved on the second day, and with Rovanpera’s retirement, he inherited the victory. Toyota’s team manager, Jari-Matti Latvala, also faced technical problems and received a penalty for missing a time check station.

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