The MotoGP rider who shares Valentino Rossi’s special skill

The MotoGP rider who shares Valentino Rossi’s special skill

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The man who perhaps knows Valentino Rossi’s skill-set better than anyone has identified a current MotoGP rider who shares his talent.

Matteo Flamigni, who was Valentino Rossi’s data engineer for almost 20 years, is now Marco Bezzecchi’s crew chief in The Doctor’s Mooney VR46 team. Flamigni has noticed some similarities between Bezzecchi and Rossi, particularly their effectiveness in fast sectors of the race track. However, he believes that the ability to read and interpret data is the common factor between them and other members of the Academy. Bezzecchi’s methodical and meticulous approach to studying data is reminiscent of Rossi’s. Flamigni has witnessed significant changes in MotoGP over the years, particularly in aerodynamics, anti-wheelie strategies, traction control, and gear ratio settings. Despite these changes, Flamigni believes that the rider still makes the difference in the end, as demonstrated by Bezzecchi’s victories in Argentina and France against seven Ducati bikes.

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