10 things we learned at the 2023 Dutch Grand Prix

10 things we learned at the 2023 Dutch Grand Prix
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Max Verstappen’s victory at the 2023 Dutch Grand Prix showcased his ability to adapt to changing circumstances and entertain his home fans. Despite facing challenges from other drivers, such as Sergio Perez, who made better strategic decisions, Verstappen fought back to secure the win. The race also saw a resurgence for Aston Martin and poor strategy calls from McLaren and Mercedes. Ferrari continued to struggle, while Williams made headlines throughout the weekend. Verstappen’s ninth consecutive win puts him on par with Sebastian Vettel’s 2013 record, and he now looks to claim the record outright at the upcoming Italian Grand Prix. Verstappen credits his success to lessons learned from the Baku race earlier this year, where he experimented with car setup and implemented new strategies that have since benefitted him on every track. Despite his recent victories, Verstappen remains focused on enjoying each race and performing in front of his home crowd.

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