Hamilton Surprises Mercedes with British GP Victory

Hamilton Surprises Mercedes with British GP Victory

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Lewis Hamilton will be on the front row at Silverstone for the 11th time in his F1 career.

Lewis Hamilton was pleasantly surprised by Mercedes achieving a front-row lockout, the team’s first in almost two years, surpassing their own expectations. George Russell’s pole position at Silverstone marked a significant milestone in Mercedes’ recent success, with Lando Norris securing third place, resulting in a British top three for the first time since 1968. Hamilton briefly held the fastest time during qualifying but was ultimately outperformed by Russell, who secured his third F1 pole position. Hamilton expressed gratitude towards the crowd and his team, highlighting the unexpected achievement. Despite not anticipating a front-row start, Hamilton praised the team’s effort and felt confident going into the race, aiming to fend off competitors like Norris. Subscribe to the YouTube channel for a chance to win tickets to the 2024 F1 Belgian GP.

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