Evans stresses Monaco Formula E ‘shouldn’t be touched’

Evans stresses Monaco Formula E 'shouldn't be touched'

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Monaco will host a Formula E double-header for the first time in its history next year.

In a RacingNews365 exclusive, Mitch Evans expressed concerns about Formula E making Monaco a double-header next season, fearing it could diminish the venue’s prestige and uniqueness. Despite Formula E’s success in Monaco and the increased overtakes compared to F1, Evans believes the race “shouldn’t be touched” due to its special status. Monaco’s allure and history as a racing hotspot make it stand out, according to Evans, who sees the double-header decision as potentially diluting the event’s significance. Evans, who secured victory in Monaco this season, is against doubleheaders in general and wishes for each city to host only one race to maintain the intensity and prestige of the events. As a driver who appreciates the challenge and charm of Monaco, Evans advocates for retaining the single-header status of the race to keep its special aura intact.

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